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this made me giggle like mad so I thought I would share 8D

too lazy to change names, lucky is tey, kagami is moi, blah de blah

luckyrooster19 (14:51:03): so that's "believe in love" kansha kangeki and not "real real loud"
luckyrooster19 (14:51:13): in I mean
kagamisky (14:51:24): XDDD
luckyrooster19 (14:51:38): I got hits yo, oh!
kagamisky (14:52:15): sho; that was totally your ears and not my ennunciation and you know it
luckyrooster19 (14:52:49): whatever I just wanna say hey to all the ladies that sounds like I just wanna say hella D
kagamisky (14:53:10): don't forget ra-men
luckyrooster19 (14:53:28): uhRASHee in the house yo
kagamisky (14:53:45): we are superboyz aratame luckyboyz?
luckyrooster19 (14:54:21): prease be my laaaady?
kagamisky (14:54:34): i need you giRRRRRR;
kagamisky (14:54:37): l not ;
kagamisky (14:54:44): sho; i get the point, guys
luckyrooster19 (14:55:13): what's that Sho Sakurai you got to know that in the future I need you babeh *mangles rest of song*
kagamisky (14:55:53): yeah, what was that taitoru-ubaitoru-daisotsu-no-aidoru hip-pop da beat yo, yeah yeah?
luckyrooster19 (14:56:03): YEAH YEAH
kagamisky (14:56:16): sho; ALRIGHT ALREADY
luckyrooster19 (14:56:32): did you hear something Riva, yo check my flow?
kagamisky (14:57:13): i donno tey, yo ho and go de on and on
luckyrooster19 (14:58:15): strange, I'm sure I could hear something, the way I feel ins- augh I can't keep up
luckyrooster19 (14:58:21): I admit defeat Sho
luckyrooster19 (14:58:28): you have more stupid than I can commit to memory properly
kagamisky (14:58:33): XD
kagamisky (14:58:40): yeah, i was struggling on the last one
kagamisky (14:58:49): sho; *moping in the corner*
luckyrooster19 (14:58:54): don't cry Sho
luckyrooster19 (14:58:58): it makes your ass fatter
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