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Merry X-mas...

and i can't be Merry without
arashi doing a little Hoe-down!

and because after watching the Its my soul PV we all know that Kanjani8 are totaly RAD on the Disco floor!

ok ok i had to cut Ryo and Tachon out...but thats because they were only letting me pick 5 elves...if i did less, then a weird scary elf was taking over the missing spot....so i picked my top 5....and well sorry the only picture i had to work with was the Eco-week Frog picture...but mind you, i think their facial expression makes it hilarous!!

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I was watching the latest Can!Jani and after noticing this I decided it just HAD to be shared:

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Greatest Concert Clip Evah?

Uploaded by stephyy21

I think so! 8D

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Ahem... Mitsu, poor soul, has gotten hooked on Arashi fanfiction which will soon be JE fanfiction in general if I have my evil way. BWA HA HA!, and requested some fic recommendations. I figured we needed a bit ol' rec list of doom over here at baka, so here you go!

If you have anything I need to add just comment and I'll add it in! This is also a work in progress because I have yet to make it through all of the fics I have book marked and add them into this. *coughs* 8D; I may have a slight problem...

Also, do you think they need brief fic descriptions or do just title/author/pairing work? >.> Let me know if I need to switch it up to make it more user friendly!

Arashi )

Kanjani )

(Basically anything by [livejournal.com profile] parsnipchip, [livejournal.com profile] theotheralissa and [livejournal.com profile] girlearthless is awesome >.>)

Kinki Kids )

NewS )

Tackey & Tsubasa )

”JE )

... Multi-chapters and series fics are forthcoming!
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I have found a magical clip to share with you all.

Chibi Ohno with Farah Fawcett hair half-assing one of the worst songs I have ever heard while wearing an oversized track suit. Meanwhile, MA flails in front of him. They also think this song sucks. 8|

You know you want to watch. 8D

Totally worth it for the hair and the awful. Seriously. XD

And, because I feel obligated to show their awesome, you can haz an MA awesome sauce dancing clip. (Also, Yone is so unfortunate looking but boy can he dance... and imitate a ghost, apparently. 8D;)

Edit: I found more Jrs gymnastic clips with puberty!Tackey, failboat!Tsubasa, Awkward-yet-determined-chibi!Jun and really-bad-haircut!Nino. 8D It's rather awesome...?
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When going through my download folder for stuff I hadn't watched yet today I came across a true gem. A Johnny's Jr World clip, circa 1997.I don't remember where I found it at originally and some of you may have seen it already but I had to share as the chibis damn near killed me with cuteness. XD

Also, playing "spot the chibi JE!" is fun. 8D

This one has Aiba, Jun, Nino, Sho, Toma, Tackey (lots of Tackey XD;), Tsubasa, Hina, Yoko (and he's even listed as Yokoyama Kimitaka so you know it's old. XD), Machida Shingo, Akiyama Jun... I'm sure there are more in there somewhere. XD;

Anyway, without further ado, the links!

Part 1
Part 2

18 minutes of bliss, I promise you. 8|
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Mostly certainly already seen by everyone but I just have to say:


Randomly, I see this get up and I have to think it would be Cardinal Ninimez' Spanish Inquibitchon uniform...

Baka_M: eh?

It's a long story. XD

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ok, i burned myself doubly on this one. so I went to browse that hey_say community for info on that horrid new single of theirs.. wondering if there'll be another making of thing with the release *sigh* why do I do this?

anyways, I clicked on a link to a translation of something from a magazine ... just of Chinen. oh, the Chii- it burns! But i wanted to see if she (yes, she) would mention ohno or not, so I clicked.


why must people feel the need to REALLY REALLY POORLY translate things and provide them to the world for other to read? sure, that translation is probably good enough for you yourself and your understanding, but seriously, if you're going to post translations online at least be able to speak ONE of the two languages fluently. GAH!


edit: this has redeemed the trip to hey_say!
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So, HSJ has a new single out, which means a new video. Of course, as we are queen pedo bears masochists Zoe and I watched it on youtube.

Okay, if you're like, 18 and we remember you as one of the cute awkward little kids on Ya-Ya-Yah you should not be allowed to grow up and you most certainly should not be allowed to get in anyway hot, because it breaks my brain.

This goes for you in particular, HIKARU. >8|


... just thought I'd share the pain. And, in case you want to see the video (and their horrific choreography >.>;):

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I was cleaning my computer and i found a folder with a bunch of screencaps from Kanjani8 PVs.
Then i came across "It's my soul" and i noticed a few things within the screencaps i took.

so i made a storyboard....

but really...I'm not funny...I try to be...but i'm not...I dunno what funny is...

Eat....oops...It's my soul )
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I hope all of you lovely ladies had a very Fabulous Friday (though now it's a very... Sparkly Saturday?) But that's not the point.

Ladies, I think I have found Nino's perfect Christmas present. Provided he doesn't have a whole closet full of them already. I wouldn't put it past him. :|

"Own the jackets? Hell, I'm the CEO of the company!"

Not surprised in the least, Neenz. 8|
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Happy Fabulous Friday, girls, but don't let the fabulous distract you from the issues, HSJ urges you, VOTE FOR OBAMA!

hsj for obama
Personalized Glitter Graphics

This is also pretty fabulous (and I'm talking about smap singing "i should be so lucky"):
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I have an hour to kill before work and this broke my brain, so I thought I'd share. 8D

And, just for good measure:

That is all. 8|
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Well, Yume was poking me to do more stupid icons and I had time to kill. Therefore have some mostly text-based, quotable quotes from the ladies I love the most icons. Woo!

Who loves dumb icons? I LOVE DUMB ICONS! )
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I told Da I'd post this and since I'm sure my f-list is tired of seeing these guys plastered on my journal, I figured this would be a more appropriate place to bring it. *nods*

Ladies, I bring to you the following short story: The Seduction of Masuda Takahisa )
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So, is it just me or is JE suddenly ramping it up with the hotness factor with EVERYONE lately? First Arashi, then "OMG WTF Y SO HOT DOES NOT COMPUTE!!" Tegoshi/NewS photoshoot, and now Kanjani is breaking my brain. Or more specifically Maru.

And because I like to share the pain, I thought I'd post some brain breaking pictures for you all. Sharing is caring, my friends! 8D

Also, just for reference normally when I think of Maru, this is what comes to mind:

Also, if Massu doesn't steal those pants from him first they are SO MINE

And yet, this is what he keeps throwing at us lately... )

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to go stare at the hot Nino scans again and contemplate exactly when being a JE fan got so damn confusing. 8|
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I still haven't made a proper introductory post or anything... *shifty eyes* Most of you guys know me anyway? 8D

SO ANYWAY. I was wondering ... does anyone wanna watch Tensei Kunpu with me? :B I'm free tomorrow night but if that's too short notice, any time monday through thursday of next week is good for me~ :D Maybe we can arrange a time that's good for everyone? the more the merrier? X3

OMFG OHNO AND THE TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT, c'mon, people! (... I bet everyone's already seen it. Balls. XD)

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doesn't everyone like to see love juice writhing in discomfort as he makes a complete fool out of himself? doesn't he know that being in johnny's means cosplaying as much worse than Sephiroth? I mean, look at Arashi and the french maid outfits!! *sigh* They should have an "Arashi teaches KAT-TUN the meaning of Johnny's SP"
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But only because i wanted to use my new vampire-ryo icon. so in honor of vamp!ryo, here's a video of Vampire!News and GayCowboy!KAT-TUN soaring through Johnny's World together in harmony *snerk*

..*sigh* I actually think the song is pretty.


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