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Hey I had a four hour gap in my schedule today, what did you expect me to do? 8D;;;;
Actually the second one I quite like, I may redo it in colour someday, where I can better emmulate the hair explosion that was Taiyou-sensei XD

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So, I've fallen recently to the evil that is making retarded color bars. *hangs head in shame*

Anyway, some of you have already seen them but I thought I'd throw them up here to share. Afterall, it's Valentine's Day and uh, everyone needs more retardation and bright colors? 8D;

And, just because every cheesy Valentine's post needs an equally cheesy jpop soundtrack...



... I had no idea what to tag this. XD; I hope this works?
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[livejournal.com profile] track_04  and I (but more like me...) came up with the brilliant lame idea of making a JE Monopoly board game.

Basically, i have a blank template...and you fill it in with JE stuff, do write your own little cards and stuff.

then you can print it out and place it on the real boardgame...or a piece of cardboard and have hours of fun for playing Jumishiopoly! Johnnopoly...whatever....or we can make it specific to one group Kanjanopoli Newsopoly..ect.... Arashopoly (sounds like a bad skin condition)

Here's where i need your help.
I will make it....but i need LOADS of crack ideas on what to write...

here's the list
List of stuff in the game )

more crack

Sep. 11th, 2008 01:14 am
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Well, this was a really quick edit because it took me so long today to figure out the codec situation, but here's my result. Thanks to Da for the Can Do Can Go vid, but here's the High School Musical version:

[posting this before it finishes processing because i'm tired and don't want to wait anymore to sleep]
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So I've had these two ideas for a while but keep forgetting to bounce them off you lovely ladies. Cut me some slack. I'm old and my brain is slowly being infiltrated by all things Ryo has been elsewhere lately.

Anywho~ First things first. With our increased love for the retarded fanvid as well as our own YouTube channel (Da, my love for you? So Crisco ♥) I figured it was about time we dove into the world of stupid fanvid. And what better way than to make our own JE Hell?

I'm pretty sure most of you are familiar with the crack that is AMV Hell. And if not... well... YouTube to the rescue. JE Hell would be in the same vein but using cracky JE combos instead of anime. And since these clips are generally thirty seconds or less, I figure it should be easy for all of us to put a couple of clips together. I know I've already discussed it quite a bit with Ems and she's game. Sooo... anyone else want to help out? XD

The other issue I've been meaning to bring up is how would y'all feel about making our own cracky CafePress store? Of course, there are things we'd have to be wary about (like not using any actual pictures of our idols and whatnot) and I'm not sure how the whole pricing would work either, but... what do you kids think? Yes? No? Dick Salsa Fiesta?

Provided we can afford the occasional rediculous t-shirt amongst our budgeting for Gay Taco Party: Teh Nipponz Version, of course. XD

But, c'mon, you know you want a t-shirt that says "Yes! Yes, I do! Oh yes! Jesus!" or "DICK SALSA!"

Right! Enough rambling out of me! *flees* ♥
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So, Zoe mentioned someone being all "uhh, who's that random person who joined the com?"

And so I present to you: [livejournal.com profile] kikumarie!!!

I met her on a JE forum when I was first getting into them, and then went out for karaoke with her and her sister and they're awesome. We also went to Anime North together and we and several of their friends dressed up as the eito rangers. I was green, she was red, and her sister was blue.

and because it falls into the realm of cracky JE stuff... it was awesome! )
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baka ladies- This thing sat half finished on my computer for 2 weeks. and instead of work this morning, I thought, hey, why don't I just finish it on up so I can get rid of all these extra video files I downloaded... so I've now uploaded my Sho-fail video to the bakamon youtube acct!!

[edit: youtube is still "processing" it, so I guess just wait.

It's one of those crappy "oh look windows comes with a movie maker" videos, but I thought it was funny.

Oh, and if for some reason someone wants to download the damn thing, it's on MF here.
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