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Look at me, actually kinda sorta weilding some semblance of modly powers! Miracles!

Uh, so, since I'm at home on invalid rest, I've been slowly going through and tagging all the old entries here at baka_m. Mostly for convenience, 'cause as much as I enjoy going through all the old entries on here, sometimes I'd like to find what I'm looking for without distracting myself for an hour or more. That and tags are fun and it helps sate my inner filing nerd. (Hey, it's this or I watch more Yamapi drama. THE MOOBS COMPEL ME.)

So if you're looking through the archives and find yourself saying, "Goodness, I never tagged this post as such!" well, there's a reason. Though don't stress too much about tags on future posting. We're not such an OMGHY00J or active comm that it's an issue, so if you can't think up which tag to use, I'll swoop down later and attack it. Likewise, if you think we need some additional tags or want some of said tag names changed, go ahead and gimme a shout and I'll see what I can do. I take no responsibility for the creativity of my tags recently. I am on painkillers.

And 'cause it's Friday and we haven't done one in a while...



Also, much love to our tacos in NYC chasin' the dream! Or failboat, as the case may be. I hope Yatterman was awesome!!
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Happy Fabulous Friday, girls, but don't let the fabulous distract you from the issues, HSJ urges you, VOTE FOR OBAMA!

hsj for obama
Personalized Glitter Graphics

This is also pretty fabulous (and I'm talking about smap singing "i should be so lucky"):


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