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Hey I had a four hour gap in my schedule today, what did you expect me to do? 8D;;;;
Actually the second one I quite like, I may redo it in colour someday, where I can better emmulate the hair explosion that was Taiyou-sensei XD


Feb. 16th, 2009 01:32 am
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Killing time with the random pairing generator before Bones comes on tv.
and ARGH, it's not a bilingual broadcast. XD;; yay Bones dubbed in Japanese...

Anyway, here's the pairings that were especially cracky XD enjoy!

Domoto Tsuyoshi x Nishikido Ryo = amid much protesting
... but not from Zoe

Takizawa Hideaki x Riva = after signing a contract
... D8 better have been a DAMN GOOD ONE

Kamenashi Kazuya x Morita Go = in Tsuyoshi's pants
... I just like the ones that end with 'in Tsuyoshi's pants' XD

V6 x Da = in an alley
... DA XD;;;

Kanjani8 x Zoe = timidly
... ZOE XD;;;;;;

Murakami Shingo x Aiba's Stuffed Dog = with Koichi's prize tutelage
... they'll never get the smell of condiments out of the poor stuffed dog (nor Aiba's toy)

... that was mean

... and lame

Four Tops x Sakurai Sho = resulting in a miraculous male pregnancy
... and lots of memory preciousing

Nakai Masahiro x Gay Taco Party = while imitating Sesame Street Characters
... probably divine punishment for something we've done luvs

Kusano Hironori x Zoe = without any satisfaction
... good lord Zoe, this is the third time you've appeared and STILL not satisfied?!

Matsumoto Jun x Masuda Takahisa = in the Bat Mobile
... no no no, wrong iconic vehicle Darth Fabulous. You gotta do it in the Death Star

good night!
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So, I've fallen recently to the evil that is making retarded color bars. *hangs head in shame*

Anyway, some of you have already seen them but I thought I'd throw them up here to share. Afterall, it's Valentine's Day and uh, everyone needs more retardation and bright colors? 8D;

And, just because every cheesy Valentine's post needs an equally cheesy jpop soundtrack...



... I had no idea what to tag this. XD; I hope this works?
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In the spirit of Aiba's birthday I shooped you all a present. Koichi-claus must think you've been good this year! 8D

(Or Tsuyoshi just locked him in a closet and delivered presents himself this year. Because, you know... Koichi's 30.)

Koichi: vv;

Sorry to our lurkers, too, but I just included the girls that I knew in here. ^^;
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I told Da I'd post this and since I'm sure my f-list is tired of seeing these guys plastered on my journal, I figured this would be a more appropriate place to bring it. *nods*

Ladies, I bring to you the following short story: The Seduction of Masuda Takahisa )
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Yes it's me again. This came from a convo with Tey last night, and there would be more/it would be better except I inked something like four pages after work, which also involves a lot of writing, and like... I was starting to lose feeling in my fingertips XD; sorry.

But anyway! I present to you... Sailor Arashi! with Tuxedo Ogusan and the KinKi Kats! 8DDD

and for the curious, here is Tey's and my chatlog, because we cast muchmuch more.

meanwhile SMAP digs out their Saint Seiya costumes and goes 'VIVA LA EIGHTIES!' and MatsuJun goes '8D viva myself?'... )

8D ideas? votes for who gets cast as other characters? ideas for recasts?
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Yume has prompted me to announce the birth of a fantastic crack pairing, and since I realized we didn't yet have an official list.... well, I decided to rectify this! This is a cause for celebration! Or at least enough to herald the return of my beloved, obnoxious rainbow text!

The Official-Unofficial baka-monogatari Crack Pairing List!
just be glad i didn't add sparklies this time as well!

What defines a crack pairing? Well, it's a pairing... that you probably have to be smoking crack to think it's really plausible. Or one so rediculous that it gives us a wicked case of the lulz. Which most fanfiction is anyway but, hey, who's counting? As for this list, it's all the crack pairings we've come up with and/or support here in baka_mo. Because... it's funny. *nods sagely* 8|

Now, on to the list! Thus far we have...!

♥ Toma x Tree -- OTP! Also the many crack pairings resulting from it! (Aiba x Tree, Ryo x Tree, sympathy-and-splinters!Tomaiba)
♥ Tackey x Chinen -- because you totally didn't need to sleep tonight, right? In fact...
♥ Tackey x every Junior ever -- because when Takizawa gets involved with his sempai, puppies die.
♥ Koichi x Tegoshi -- we didn't give birth to it but we gladly adopted its cracky little self
♥ Koichi x Crisco -- their love is cheap and greasy! Much like Love Juice!
(I almost included Tegomass in here but I don't think of that as crack; we all know that they're the cutest little twelve year old lesbian couple ever, after all.)

And now, for the newest addition....!

♥ Nino x Ryo -- the emo-est pairing that ever emo-ed


If there are any that I forgot, go ahead and tell me and I can add it to the list! I assure you this horrible thing will probably get longer and longer (hell, between Da and Yume and myself, we've already come up with enough crack to fell a lesser JE fan.) GO FORTH AND BE CRACK-A-LICIOUS!

Oh, and in the spirit of things, it would be wrong of me not to include a link to Da's beautiful brain baby, The JE Crack Pairing Generator. Which I am working on the images for right now! Ho-ho! 8} (though in clicking on it, I came up with "Tegoshi Yuya x Yaotome Hikaru = with the chickenpox" and now I am dying. TEGO, YOU LEAVE CHIBI-YAOTOME-SAN ALONE.)

[EDIT: a few more additions!!]
♥ Nino x Emoticon -- their love is so...‼‼‼‼ *lightbulb* ☻ ☺ ♪ ♫ ♪ ☼ ^_^ ^_^
♥ Sho x YamaPi -- because everydody needs somebody sometime...! ♪
♥ Massu x Hoodie/Parka -- IT'S TRULUV BBS
♥ MatsuJun x Tsubasa -- it's stylish
♥ Koichi x Tsubasa -- their love is so ~*~JAZZ HANDS~*~
♥ Tsuyoshi x Fish -- with potential for Tsuyoshi x Fish x Ohno OT3
♥ Koichi x F1 -- Do you know why? Try and answer it. 8|
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