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This one is for Zoe, and all other fans of Dr. Ryo....... 's moles.


Good Luck and Cherry Blossoms
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re-upped larger size yet same bad quality images of the dj stuff Tey requested. If any tacos wish to make icons from them or what have you, be my guest. :3

First shot of all five that was done
Kamen no Arashi!
Angel Monkey-butt Sho
When I say hip hip! you say chin chin!

for some reason I don't know where the Sailor Arashi pic went. sorry XD

Good Luck and Cherry Blossoms
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Doodled following a comment convo with Tey regarding the pole-vaulting ep of G no Arashi and how I thought Sho looked like crap in it XD
yes that is me looking pissy and playing tsukkomi
sorry it got crumpled on the way home.

if you click it's bigger and marginably legible. or should be, this is the first time I'm using the 'post to journal' option in scrapbook XD
[edit; prolly don't have to mention, if you click the image in scrapbook you'll get the full-sized one, then it should be more readable... barring my horrid handwriting. yesh.]

Good Luck and Cherry Blossoms
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Sorry the quality is crap. My new keitai is all kinds of love except when it comes to taking pictures of pictures. alas.

Ichimen Sho, inspired by the fic post you guys had going while I was in Canadia. sorry you can see the picture on the backside of the page through the paper ><

Chibi Aiba + bear

... because the cute must be shared 8|

speaking of the camera though, I can take digi-cam sized pics on it now and send them to the computer through usb cable blah blah blah, so if you want any of the colour or otherwise pics here in bigger (but equally questionable) quality then let me me know ne. :3

Good Luck and Cherry Blossoms
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Posting this here because... no one on my fl but the tacos would get the joke anyway XD

You can't really make out the caption at the top, it says;

Funnily enough, at first no one noticed it was odd that "Sho" had grown boobs and had to borrow from MatsuJun's wardrobe...

Now Tey,
what did you do with Sho?

Good Luck and Cherry Blossoms
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If everyone wasn't ready to kill me for these drawings already... they are now! 8D
I present to you...

Monkey-Angel Sho-chan! *sparklesparkle*

someday I'm going to have enough of these to compile a book at this rate, I swear
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Yes it's me again. This came from a convo with Tey last night, and there would be more/it would be better except I inked something like four pages after work, which also involves a lot of writing, and like... I was starting to lose feeling in my fingertips XD; sorry.

But anyway! I present to you... Sailor Arashi! with Tuxedo Ogusan and the KinKi Kats! 8DDD

and for the curious, here is Tey's and my chatlog, because we cast muchmuch more.

meanwhile SMAP digs out their Saint Seiya costumes and goes 'VIVA LA EIGHTIES!' and MatsuJun goes '8D viva myself?'... )

8D ideas? votes for who gets cast as other characters? ideas for recasts?
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... I have no idea, but I aim to amuse XD

*runs before Chinen can kill her*
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