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I, uh. Wrote a fanfic. XD I blame [livejournal.com profile] youkosiren ENTIRELY. Just posting here for now 'till I can figure out what to do with it (probably NOTHING. XD) Pretty much un-beta'd and probably grossly OOC. Feel free to criticize? XD

Also, I totally realize the premise of this is completely contrived. It's basically like blanket fic. CUDDLE, DAMN YOU, THE AUTHOR DEMANDS IT. >:| But eh... first arashi fic. Second time attempting fanfic uh, ever.

Yama Pair, whhhhy? )

... :D?
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Da, Zoe, and I have been talking about having a comment fic meme for a while now. So... basically, I've been put in charge of revealing our grand scheme of cracky goodness (or badness) to you fine lovely ladies out there.

So what's the theme?


Rules? We don't really have any rules. Things can range from gen fics to romantic comedy to tragedy (because there's really only a thin line between the two.) Although we'd like to keep it within JE. Yes, that means you can write about Yoshitake Kayoko, Sakai Tae, and Yoshikawa Kiyomi (the three women Juniors of J&A.)

To give you an idea of what we're thinking about. Here's are some examples:

Ever read a fic where they don't use lubrication before teh buttsecks?
Ever heard of a JE boy NOT being gay?
The lack of protection when engaging in teh buttsechs?
Someone falling asleep during/before/mid-sex?
A JE boy meeting a Mary Sue character and totally brushed her off because he might just be plain unimpressed?

I'll let you think of the other possibilities (and the possibilities are endless. :D) So have at it ladies! (If only to satisfied the three perverted old ladies' needs for comment fic meme.) :D
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Ahem... Mitsu, poor soul, has gotten hooked on Arashi fanfiction which will soon be JE fanfiction in general if I have my evil way. BWA HA HA!, and requested some fic recommendations. I figured we needed a bit ol' rec list of doom over here at baka, so here you go!

If you have anything I need to add just comment and I'll add it in! This is also a work in progress because I have yet to make it through all of the fics I have book marked and add them into this. *coughs* 8D; I may have a slight problem...

Also, do you think they need brief fic descriptions or do just title/author/pairing work? >.> Let me know if I need to switch it up to make it more user friendly!

Arashi )

Kanjani )

(Basically anything by [livejournal.com profile] parsnipchip, [livejournal.com profile] theotheralissa and [livejournal.com profile] girlearthless is awesome >.>)

Kinki Kids )

NewS )

Tackey & Tsubasa )

”JE )

... Multi-chapters and series fics are forthcoming!
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So, you've all probably heard Yume and I mention the JE Orgy of DOOM Epic Fanfic. Long story short, Yume talked me into writing epic fanfiction and I am incredibly easy and addicted to fanfiction and angst an awesome friend so here I am to deliver!

A few of you have already seen this but I figured I'd throw it up here for anyone who hadn't in case you were inclined to read it. As a forewarning this is a major work in progress and uh, I'm slow. XD;

Also, there will probably end up being far too many characters in this, as I have problems with reigning myself in.

Lastly, Ohno is big pimpin.

Criticism is gladly, gladly welcome! I am horrid about judging my own work so if you have any suggestions I shall embrace them with open arms, much as Tackey embraces his kouhai in dark hallways and empty side rooms!

Anyway, enough blather. On to the fic!

Epic Fic: Prologue


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