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Da, Zoe, and I have been talking about having a comment fic meme for a while now. So... basically, I've been put in charge of revealing our grand scheme of cracky goodness (or badness) to you fine lovely ladies out there.

So what's the theme?


Rules? We don't really have any rules. Things can range from gen fics to romantic comedy to tragedy (because there's really only a thin line between the two.) Although we'd like to keep it within JE. Yes, that means you can write about Yoshitake Kayoko, Sakai Tae, and Yoshikawa Kiyomi (the three women Juniors of J&A.)

To give you an idea of what we're thinking about. Here's are some examples:

Ever read a fic where they don't use lubrication before teh buttsecks?
Ever heard of a JE boy NOT being gay?
The lack of protection when engaging in teh buttsechs?
Someone falling asleep during/before/mid-sex?
A JE boy meeting a Mary Sue character and totally brushed her off because he might just be plain unimpressed?

I'll let you think of the other possibilities (and the possibilities are endless. :D) So have at it ladies! (If only to satisfied the three perverted old ladies' needs for comment fic meme.) :D
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[livejournal.com profile] track_04  and I (but more like me...) came up with the brilliant lame idea of making a JE Monopoly board game.

Basically, i have a blank template...and you fill it in with JE stuff, do write your own little cards and stuff.

then you can print it out and place it on the real boardgame...or a piece of cardboard and have hours of fun for playing Jumishiopoly! Johnnopoly...whatever....or we can make it specific to one group Kanjanopoli Newsopoly..ect.... Arashopoly (sounds like a bad skin condition)

Here's where i need your help.
I will make it....but i need LOADS of crack ideas on what to write...

here's the list
List of stuff in the game )
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... so I couldn't let things die and I had to go searching for more baby pictures because I am a whore and couldn't rest until I'd found embarrassing baby pictures of a few more members. And so, since I'm bored and I like to share my creepiness, I give you:

Guess that JE Baby: Version 2.0 )
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And, since I'm sure you've all just been dying with anticipation, I'm posting the answers to the baby pictures quiz! 8D

I may be getting far too much amusement out of this. Life? Who needs a life when you have JE?!

Answers to those questions that have been burning your soul for all of a day now... also, some hotness this way. 8D )
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So, everyone here loves JE, or at least certain portions of the JE community, right?


And everyone here, while they may not love babies, think that JE x Babies and small children = source of much laughter and win, right?


So, taking these into consideration I have decided that what better way is there to fuse these two glorious things than to post mildly embarrassing and often awhn worthy JE baby pictures. But, to make it interesting I thought I'd post the pictures sans names and let you guys guess who they are! 8D

Yeah, I may have spent two hours last night looking at JE baby pics. DON'T JUDGE ME.

And so now I'll hand it over to Pika Pika Pervert-chan to lead the way!

Wait a second... Tsubasa? Why are you in the pedo bear suit?

Tsubasa: Tackey had business to attend to.

... another slumber party with Hey!Say!?

Tsubasa: Fifth one this week.

*sighs* Okay... and on that note, on to the babies )

... yes, I may in fact be slightly bored. XD

Screening comments until I post the answers. Nyo-ho-ho!
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Yume has prompted me to announce the birth of a fantastic crack pairing, and since I realized we didn't yet have an official list.... well, I decided to rectify this! This is a cause for celebration! Or at least enough to herald the return of my beloved, obnoxious rainbow text!

The Official-Unofficial baka-monogatari Crack Pairing List!
just be glad i didn't add sparklies this time as well!

What defines a crack pairing? Well, it's a pairing... that you probably have to be smoking crack to think it's really plausible. Or one so rediculous that it gives us a wicked case of the lulz. Which most fanfiction is anyway but, hey, who's counting? As for this list, it's all the crack pairings we've come up with and/or support here in baka_mo. Because... it's funny. *nods sagely* 8|

Now, on to the list! Thus far we have...!

♥ Toma x Tree -- OTP! Also the many crack pairings resulting from it! (Aiba x Tree, Ryo x Tree, sympathy-and-splinters!Tomaiba)
♥ Tackey x Chinen -- because you totally didn't need to sleep tonight, right? In fact...
♥ Tackey x every Junior ever -- because when Takizawa gets involved with his sempai, puppies die.
♥ Koichi x Tegoshi -- we didn't give birth to it but we gladly adopted its cracky little self
♥ Koichi x Crisco -- their love is cheap and greasy! Much like Love Juice!
(I almost included Tegomass in here but I don't think of that as crack; we all know that they're the cutest little twelve year old lesbian couple ever, after all.)

And now, for the newest addition....!

♥ Nino x Ryo -- the emo-est pairing that ever emo-ed


If there are any that I forgot, go ahead and tell me and I can add it to the list! I assure you this horrible thing will probably get longer and longer (hell, between Da and Yume and myself, we've already come up with enough crack to fell a lesser JE fan.) GO FORTH AND BE CRACK-A-LICIOUS!

Oh, and in the spirit of things, it would be wrong of me not to include a link to Da's beautiful brain baby, The JE Crack Pairing Generator. Which I am working on the images for right now! Ho-ho! 8} (though in clicking on it, I came up with "Tegoshi Yuya x Yaotome Hikaru = with the chickenpox" and now I am dying. TEGO, YOU LEAVE CHIBI-YAOTOME-SAN ALONE.)

[EDIT: a few more additions!!]
♥ Nino x Emoticon -- their love is so...‼‼‼‼ *lightbulb* ☻ ☺ ♪ ♫ ♪ ☼ ^_^ ^_^
♥ Sho x YamaPi -- because everydody needs somebody sometime...! ♪
♥ Massu x Hoodie/Parka -- IT'S TRULUV BBS
♥ MatsuJun x Tsubasa -- it's stylish
♥ Koichi x Tsubasa -- their love is so ~*~JAZZ HANDS~*~
♥ Tsuyoshi x Fish -- with potential for Tsuyoshi x Fish x Ohno OT3
♥ Koichi x F1 -- Do you know why? Try and answer it. 8|
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In an effort to promote happy shiny funtiems while the fandom goes all SRS BZNSS around us--not to mention cheer up some folks, y'hear!--I am proposing to you, my fellow taco enthusiasts, the creation of a soundtrack. An epic and lulzy soundtrack. An...

(yes i love using rainbow text too much. it's an addiction, leave me alone!)

It's simple. Find a song that reminds you of something JE and post it for all of us to giggle at! It can be a member or a whole group or... I dunno. MatsuJun's eyebrows! Whatever moves you, man!!

At the end we can compile for great justice or something. Or not. I dunno. It just seemed like a fun way to kill time!

So here are my horrible contributions )

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