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I was watching the latest Can!Jani and after noticing this I decided it just HAD to be shared:

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Mostly certainly already seen by everyone but I just have to say:


Randomly, I see this get up and I have to think it would be Cardinal Ninimez' Spanish Inquibitchon uniform...

Baka_M: eh?

It's a long story. XD

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So, HSJ has a new single out, which means a new video. Of course, as we are queen pedo bears masochists Zoe and I watched it on youtube.

Okay, if you're like, 18 and we remember you as one of the cute awkward little kids on Ya-Ya-Yah you should not be allowed to grow up and you most certainly should not be allowed to get in anyway hot, because it breaks my brain.

This goes for you in particular, HIKARU. >8|


... just thought I'd share the pain. And, in case you want to see the video (and their horrific choreography >.>;):

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I hope all of you lovely ladies had a very Fabulous Friday (though now it's a very... Sparkly Saturday?) But that's not the point.

Ladies, I think I have found Nino's perfect Christmas present. Provided he doesn't have a whole closet full of them already. I wouldn't put it past him. :|

"Own the jackets? Hell, I'm the CEO of the company!"

Not surprised in the least, Neenz. 8|
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Happy Birthday Pv...
I'm watching it right now (well not now as i am typing..i paused it)
So here are my comments as i am watching it for the first time....

-Ok..soooooooooo Cardboard hamburger right?....i kinda feel like eating one, i dunno why but it looks good.

-Is massu wearing  SILVER CROCKS????????

-I like how Koyama is huggin the Bottle of wine and pretending drinking (I bet if uchi was still there, they would have told him to stay away from the bottle....bwuahaha)

-hmmm Yamapi is singing...then realized that he is not singing to the camera, then turns around to face the camera ahahahahah classic.

-I wanna play News Monopoly...*you landed on Yamapi's Boobs, Collect 200$*...*Caught drinking underage, go to Jail*.....*Miso Soup lane
for 250$*....*You are double crossing two bands, skip a turn*

-There are dancing...with tiny little bathroom people.....weird...CAREFUL LITTLE BATHROOM PEOPLE THEY GONNA STEP ON YOU!!! OUCH TEGO JUST DID!

-why is Shinge the only one wearing colours...he didnt get the memo to wear white like everyone...

-Oh that because Tego spilled his milk, Shinge was wise to not wear white around these boys..smart boy.

-SO if you put a live chicken in the oven for 30 minutes...it will come out all cooked and skinned and ready to eat...hmmm

-No, massu that's not a real camera...so stop stalking Shinge with it

-did you know, You can gro trees that comes with Monkeys in them. AWESOME!


-Is that a whale flying in the sky???

-Oh i forgot Ryo was in this....

-Tego, just totally kicked the chiken in the faced then stepped on a little bathroom people again....:-(

-Some Evil Clown has turned the city into a bunch of Presents.....

- Yamapi's cup trick is getting old already....MANBOOBS sorry i feel like yelling that everytime i see his name.
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alright you all probably seen it already...but i dont care i am posting this.

So i said that i can't do funny icons...or funny videos...so i have to do with what i can.

So Ueda is doing his solo concert (which really makes me mad coz im not in japan anymore to see it)
And well the show is full of crack....according to the fan reports (which i should stop reading coz it makes me jealous)

So first thing first.
Ueda appears on stage doing air-boxing.........how manly!
Then he brakes down 5 cement tiles with his barefist............rugged manly!
Then he climbs a 15 meter rope...without a harness with only his hands.....Now if that's not manly...i dunno what is!

oh and he's shirtless and barefoot the whole time.....who needs a shirt and shoes when you're a man!

ok so when you thought that this show was all about being manly and all that fun stuff....it gets even MORE manly.
He's wearing leather pants....and
he pulls a whip out and start "whipping" his backup female dancer in a SM way.
Now that totaly justify that he is clearly the man in the relationship and girls are only toys for hot sex, so whip that whip. that licorice whip!...apparently he wanted to show his fan that he likes to Dominate and that he loves rought sex........how interesting here's my phone number ***-*****

Is it me or someone is afraid that people are questioning his sexual preferences? well i mean, he does look like a girl...a very pretty girl (dont get me wrong I LOVE ueda...he"s my special princess) but really....this is such a joke at how "manly" he is trying to be in his solo concert.

And yes, i would totally pay to see it *sigh* Goddamnit how i would pay!!!

any thought on that?

Also to end the gayness..here are the lyrics to Dicktator.Dictator..which is fully in english...i think....
and WORSE then Lovejuice....yes there is something WORSE then Lovejuice...can you believe it!
in colour are my comments...and they are kinda dirty..*giggleandsnort*
Dictator )Oh Ueda..how i loveth thee! i Dont care how girly you are and insecure with your sexuality i would still sex you anytime.


Aug. 31st, 2008 11:37 pm
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So.. I've only just this moment realized that now that's I've officially graduated I have a lot of free time on my hands that i no longer have to spend stressing out.

I've been waiting to get into tackey and tsubasa for just this moment. Because srs, I just saw Tsubasa and Tsuyoshi on a retarded double date and I totally want more Tsubasa. Could someone maybe point me in the right direction for a pimp post or something cuz I'm lazy.

And just to share, i'm now convinced that leah dizon is actually chibi-yamada-san's okama stalker from 2chan.
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I have a small announcement to make. Originally I was going to post this in my lj but I figured, meh, why not share it with the community?




I tried watching 24 Hour Television but TVU kept hating on me, so I opted to finally sit through Fantastipo. Oh, I am so glad I bought this DVD. ♥ The most appropriate way to describe the movie can be expressed in the following equation:

Wes Anderson movie + LSD x shag carpeting / Johnny's Entertainment = Fantastipo

Try and prove me wrong. You can't do it. THAT IS HOW AWESOME THIS MOVIE IS. 8|

If nothing else it's worth watching for Tsuyoshi's fabulous Jesus impression. )

Aaaaaaaaaaand that's all I really wanted to say. Now to try and wrangle with TVU so I can see Masakibaby frolic swim with the dolphins.
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