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Hello, i'm new here and kinda invited myself in.
Although [livejournal.com profile] aerish  kinda introduced me, i thought i would say a few words just so i dont freak anyone out.
hmm well, i know[livejournal.com profile] aerish through livejournal, but we met irl and things like that.
she pointed me toward funny icons in this community...but i decided to have a look around for more and well i thought this place was hilarous so i joined.

anyways, my name is kikumarie and i am a Kanjani8 crack addict...I just came back from Japan where i watched both Kanjani8 and Kat-tun concert, although i was highly disappointed in Kat-tun, i was more excited to see Koyama, Massu and HSJ at the concert, then the boys themselves ahaha..and i dont even like HSJ! hmmm at the Kajani8 concert..Ohkura waved at me....well i like to think he did, coz he did do a double take when he saw 3 foreigners waving at him. Beside that, i like Arashi (coz seriously who doesnt like rainbows and sparkles) and Tokio (eventhough they are kinda forgotten most of the time..coz seriously who doesnt like grownup guys on crack...)

In my everyday life, i like to dress up as an Eito ranger...true story. I was red! right now i am working on making the Zukkoke Otokomichi seizur concert costume...lots of pretty colours!

Hmmm...i dont think i will be posting much here and might be just a voyeur for a while..mainly coz i fail at doing anything with my computer other then access internet....yesterday i learned how to make icons and im sure [livejournal.com profile] aerish  can vouche for me when i say that i suck at making those ahaha But maybe one day, once i become more experienced, i will post some JE crack..but for now  i will leave you with this icon i made today...with the inspiration of [livejournal.com profile] aerish 
 *you can use..wether you credit or not..i dont really care ahaha*
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So, Zoe mentioned someone being all "uhh, who's that random person who joined the com?"

And so I present to you: [livejournal.com profile] kikumarie!!!

I met her on a JE forum when I was first getting into them, and then went out for karaoke with her and her sister and they're awesome. We also went to Anime North together and we and several of their friends dressed up as the eito rangers. I was green, she was red, and her sister was blue.

and because it falls into the realm of cracky JE stuff... it was awesome! )


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