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I, uh. Wrote a fanfic. XD I blame [livejournal.com profile] youkosiren ENTIRELY. Just posting here for now 'till I can figure out what to do with it (probably NOTHING. XD) Pretty much un-beta'd and probably grossly OOC. Feel free to criticize? XD

Also, I totally realize the premise of this is completely contrived. It's basically like blanket fic. CUDDLE, DAMN YOU, THE AUTHOR DEMANDS IT. >:| But eh... first arashi fic. Second time attempting fanfic uh, ever.

The tiny lady at the front desk bowed deeply and repeatedly, "I'm so sorry, there was a problem with our computer system ... There's only one room left, and it's a single like the other three..." she bowed again, forming an almost laughably perfect ninety degree angle bend at the waist.

Arashi handled this crisis like they handled all major decisions--with rock-paper-scissors, naturally. Of course, Sho lost, having played rock first AGAIN. Ohno, too, was bested, but he didn't seem to mind nearly as much as Sho did.

The two of them shuffled into the room, luggage in tow. It was already quite late and they all had to be up early the next day for a photoshoot. They squeezed into the bathroom to wash their face and brush their teeth. It would have made more sense for them to take turns, but they were both tired and in a hurry to sleep, and as it was they were practically elbowing each other in the face in the tiny lavatory.

Ohno stretched and sighed, and scratched his stomach before pulling off his hooded sweatshirt. He yanked his pants off unceremoniously and laid down next to the twin bed, using the balled-up hoodie as a pillow.

"What the hell are you doing?" Sho asked.

"Uhh, sleeping?" Ohno mumbled without bothering to look up, voice muffled by the thick cotton of his makeshift pillow.

Sho looked appalled. "Not on the floor, you're not! Besides, you're older, right?"

"I don't mind" was Ohno's response.

"Oh, come on!" Sho was practically whining. He dragged Ohno up off the floor by his elbow. Ohno didn't really protest, but he didn't attempt to stand, either. It was obvious that Ohno wasn't going to take the bed alone. Sho looked behind him at the small bed and sighed, "Maybe we can both fit?"

Ohno shrugged, and Sho interpreted that as rather non-committal assent.

They tried laying side by side, without touching, giving each other as much room as possible, but the bed was just too small. And besides, Ohno was really hoping Sho didn't fall asleep on his back. He knew from past experience there'd be no sleep for him in that case--the snoring, it would be out of control. They shifted and squirmed for a few more minutes, before Ohno finally spoke up. "Here, just..." he rolled onto his side and tugged on Sho's arm, encouraging him to do the same. Sho complied, and settled his arm over Ohno's rather awkwardly. They slid together more closely, and Sho was surprised at how nicely his and Ohno's bodies fit together, his head coming to rest perfectly in the crook of Ohno's neck.

"At the risk of sounding completely homosexual, I think I'm spooning you and I can't say I mind..."

Ohno sort of half-laughed, like the sound was stuck in throat, which Sho thought, if he were being completely honest, was adorable. Images of him giggling coquettishly in sailor fuku came to mind unbidden. It was only when he remembered how hairy Ohno's legs were did he shudder.

"Cold?" Ohno asked.

"Um, something like that." Sho cleared his throat.

Ohno shifted, his feet sliding against sho's bare legs.

"DEAR GOD, now I am! OHNO, your toes are like ICE CUBES!" Sho pulled away violently, which only furthered Ohno's resolve to annoy Sho more. He shoved his feet against Sho's thigh and cackled.

"Quit, quit, I'm going to fall off the bed!" Sho laughed.

"So?" Ohno smiled.

"If I fall, you're coming with me, and your head is precariously close to the nightstand."

"Fine." Ohno huffed with mock irritation.

They settled back against each other and Sho let out a sigh, the breath tickling Ohno's neck. Ohno shivered, "Ah, that tickles."

"Sorry" Sho laughed, not really sorry at all.

A moment passed and their breathing became more regular, and Sho spoke up, "This is kind of weird but.. umm, I'm glad you lost at janken..." he wasn't really sure what he was on about, and he felt a little awkward saying it, but sometimes Sho just couldn't shut up.

"eh?" was Ohno's only response.

"I just mean... this would probably be weird with anyone else, maybe...I mean, with Jun, he'd probably spray the pillow with his froufy aromatherapy spray stuff... you don't even have to share a bed with him to be assaulted by it..."

"It's not so bad" Ohno shrugged within Sho's arms.

"And then he'd make you drink his weird chamomile-valerian relaxation tea..." Sho added.

"Well, yeah, that IS pretty terrible." Ohno scrunched up his nose in agreement.

"And the glow from Nino's DS always keeps me awake when I share a room with him."

Again, Ohno just shrugged.

"And Aiba talks too much. He doesn't even have to be drunk to reiterate just how much he loves arashi. It's kind of like a sleepover when you share a room with him. You're laying in the dark trying to sleep and he just doesn't shut up! And just when you think he's almost asleep, he brings up another inane question! He just babbles..." Sho paused.

"Kind of like how you're doing now?" Ohno supplied. He felt rather than saw the sheepish grin against the side of his neck.

"S-sorry..." Sho stammered and Ohno only laughed.

"Goodnight, Sho."

"Goodnight, Satoshi."

Sometime during the night, they had changed positions and as sunlight crept into the room, Ohno returned to consciousness only to find himself curled up against an already-awake Sho. He tried to surreptitiously and as nonchalantly as possible wipe the tiny drool spot from Sho's chest. But if Sho was bothered, he didn't say anything. He simply ran his fingers through Ohno's hair and stretched.

The next time Sho and Ohno shared a hotel room, it wasn't a single. It didn't keep them from sharing a bed, though.

... :D?
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