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Uhmmm.. so I'm really lazy, right? And if I remember correctly we're pika-partying tomorrow... but I don't have a copy of the movie on my harddrive. Could comeone hook me up with an MU link and save me the searching? I know one of you has to know where to find it that doesn't involve me taking my chances on a torrent that in all likelihood has no seeds.
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Tey linked me to a website to make your own google search pages (which I'm sure everyone has seen by now-- on top of things I'm not), so of course I had to play around with it and make stupid pages. I thought I'd share them here. XD

Love Juice

... okay, and that's enough of that for now. XD Comment with anymore you feel like making (if, of course, you're as bored as I am. XD;).
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this made me giggle like mad so I thought I would share 8D

lyrics can come back to haunt you )
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Hey I had a four hour gap in my schedule today, what did you expect me to do? 8D;;;;
Actually the second one I quite like, I may redo it in colour someday, where I can better emmulate the hair explosion that was Taiyou-sensei XD


Feb. 16th, 2009 01:32 am
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Killing time with the random pairing generator before Bones comes on tv.
and ARGH, it's not a bilingual broadcast. XD;; yay Bones dubbed in Japanese...

Anyway, here's the pairings that were especially cracky XD enjoy!

Domoto Tsuyoshi x Nishikido Ryo = amid much protesting
... but not from Zoe

Takizawa Hideaki x Riva = after signing a contract
... D8 better have been a DAMN GOOD ONE

Kamenashi Kazuya x Morita Go = in Tsuyoshi's pants
... I just like the ones that end with 'in Tsuyoshi's pants' XD

V6 x Da = in an alley
... DA XD;;;

Kanjani8 x Zoe = timidly
... ZOE XD;;;;;;

Murakami Shingo x Aiba's Stuffed Dog = with Koichi's prize tutelage
... they'll never get the smell of condiments out of the poor stuffed dog (nor Aiba's toy)

... that was mean

... and lame

Four Tops x Sakurai Sho = resulting in a miraculous male pregnancy
... and lots of memory preciousing

Nakai Masahiro x Gay Taco Party = while imitating Sesame Street Characters
... probably divine punishment for something we've done luvs

Kusano Hironori x Zoe = without any satisfaction
... good lord Zoe, this is the third time you've appeared and STILL not satisfied?!

Matsumoto Jun x Masuda Takahisa = in the Bat Mobile
... no no no, wrong iconic vehicle Darth Fabulous. You gotta do it in the Death Star

good night!
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So, I've fallen recently to the evil that is making retarded color bars. *hangs head in shame*

Anyway, some of you have already seen them but I thought I'd throw them up here to share. Afterall, it's Valentine's Day and uh, everyone needs more retardation and bright colors? 8D;

And, just because every cheesy Valentine's post needs an equally cheesy jpop soundtrack...



... I had no idea what to tag this. XD; I hope this works?
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JWeb is having a special this weekend on the Yattaman information page
Until 12noon my time tomorrow they are collecting questions for Sho regarding the movie. (so, as it's half past twelve now, you have 23.5 hours to submit a question. Less, considering I have to work tomorrow morning)

ie. "What scene left an impression on you?" "What scene do you want fans to pay attention to?" "What was the hardest part of making this film?" nadonado

got a question for Shosus? Post it in a comment and I shall put it in Japanese as best I can and submit it. (I'm pretty sure I can submit multiple questions)

I'm sure there's no guarantee that they will post an answer, but hey, if I can submit Zoe's and my marvelous idea that they should have a thumb war tournament on Ailand at the Shukudai-kun site, why not this too? 8D

Have at it!!
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Look at me, actually kinda sorta weilding some semblance of modly powers! Miracles!

Uh, so, since I'm at home on invalid rest, I've been slowly going through and tagging all the old entries here at baka_m. Mostly for convenience, 'cause as much as I enjoy going through all the old entries on here, sometimes I'd like to find what I'm looking for without distracting myself for an hour or more. That and tags are fun and it helps sate my inner filing nerd. (Hey, it's this or I watch more Yamapi drama. THE MOOBS COMPEL ME.)

So if you're looking through the archives and find yourself saying, "Goodness, I never tagged this post as such!" well, there's a reason. Though don't stress too much about tags on future posting. We're not such an OMGHY00J or active comm that it's an issue, so if you can't think up which tag to use, I'll swoop down later and attack it. Likewise, if you think we need some additional tags or want some of said tag names changed, go ahead and gimme a shout and I'll see what I can do. I take no responsibility for the creativity of my tags recently. I am on painkillers.

And 'cause it's Friday and we haven't done one in a while...



Also, much love to our tacos in NYC chasin' the dream! Or failboat, as the case may be. I hope Yatterman was awesome!!
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This one is for Zoe, and all other fans of Dr. Ryo....... 's moles.


Good Luck and Cherry Blossoms
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re-upped larger size yet same bad quality images of the dj stuff Tey requested. If any tacos wish to make icons from them or what have you, be my guest. :3

First shot of all five that was done
Kamen no Arashi!
Angel Monkey-butt Sho
When I say hip hip! you say chin chin!

for some reason I don't know where the Sailor Arashi pic went. sorry XD

Good Luck and Cherry Blossoms
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Doodled following a comment convo with Tey regarding the pole-vaulting ep of G no Arashi and how I thought Sho looked like crap in it XD
yes that is me looking pissy and playing tsukkomi
sorry it got crumpled on the way home.

if you click it's bigger and marginably legible. or should be, this is the first time I'm using the 'post to journal' option in scrapbook XD
[edit; prolly don't have to mention, if you click the image in scrapbook you'll get the full-sized one, then it should be more readable... barring my horrid handwriting. yesh.]

Good Luck and Cherry Blossoms
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I think, by now, it should be apparent that having an overactive imagination and being bored to tears is a deadly combination. Even worse when you're stuck at home due to an ice storm and have access to the internet. And websites like Babymaker 3000.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you know where I'm going with this. 8|

To be fair, I wasn't the first one to come up with this idea; in fact, I didn't even know said website existed until I saw someone on my f-list tooling around with it for this purpose. But I didn't decide to use it until, while going trolling for Koichi pictures, I had the really random thought that in some pictures, Kochan kind of looks like Yasu and Tacchon's pretty crack baby. Yes, I know that makes no sense. I've had eight hours of sleep over the past two and a half days. Leave me alone.

So I bet you can guess where it went from there.

This is what happens when you're DoM and have waaaaaay too much time on your hands. )
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I, uh. Wrote a fanfic. XD I blame [livejournal.com profile] youkosiren ENTIRELY. Just posting here for now 'till I can figure out what to do with it (probably NOTHING. XD) Pretty much un-beta'd and probably grossly OOC. Feel free to criticize? XD

Also, I totally realize the premise of this is completely contrived. It's basically like blanket fic. CUDDLE, DAMN YOU, THE AUTHOR DEMANDS IT. >:| But eh... first arashi fic. Second time attempting fanfic uh, ever.

Yama Pair, whhhhy? )

... :D?
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Sorry the quality is crap. My new keitai is all kinds of love except when it comes to taking pictures of pictures. alas.

Ichimen Sho, inspired by the fic post you guys had going while I was in Canadia. sorry you can see the picture on the backside of the page through the paper ><

Chibi Aiba + bear

... because the cute must be shared 8|

speaking of the camera though, I can take digi-cam sized pics on it now and send them to the computer through usb cable blah blah blah, so if you want any of the colour or otherwise pics here in bigger (but equally questionable) quality then let me me know ne. :3

Good Luck and Cherry Blossoms
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It's been a while since I celebrated Fabulous Friday, so I thought I would send some fabulous vibes back your way in the Americas, taco partiers. Ok, so I spent all this time looking up my compatibility with my favourite JE boys last night and I thought- why not make it easy for you other dirty Johnny's whores to do the same thing? So here you are:

the boys' signs... well, all debuted boy as far back as SMAP, plus undebuted Ya-Ya-Yah members and Toma :) )

And your compatibility with them.. )

And by all means, please comment with you best and worst matches, I'm really interested. My best matches are Toma and Tsubasa, followed by Nino. My worst are Nishikido Ryo, Tegoshi Yuya, Okada Junichi, Joshima Shigeru, Kimura Takuya, Okura Tadayoshi, Yokoyama You, Koyama Keiichiro, Yamada Ryosuke, Inohara Yoshihiko. Haha, I'm incompatible with so many Johnny's XD
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One of those choose your own adventure, Who's your best JE guy thingies because getting fail is fun. XD

There were, uh...many questions I could have gone either way on (which have resulted in Hina, Pi or Jun) but my original answer was...well okay, in my original one, I couldn't answer the final question, so I ended up with Toma AND Tsubasa. XD (But me, high class? Noooo. So Toma it is, I guess.)

8D Da played too!

Being 12 is fun! XD
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OKAY, fellow gay tacos, help me out here~? X3

I'm going back to Georgia for a couple of weeks and in that span I'll get to hang out with a couple of friends of mine X3 I'm bringing my external HD with me so I can uh, spread the arashi love. So here's my question to you guys:
what do you recommend showing to someone who is completely arashi-clueless?

Only the maximum in lols will suffice! Help, please! X3 And be specific? X3 What do you think are the funniest/most endearing arashi episodes/clips out there? X3
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Da, Zoe, and I have been talking about having a comment fic meme for a while now. So... basically, I've been put in charge of revealing our grand scheme of cracky goodness (or badness) to you fine lovely ladies out there.

So what's the theme?


Rules? We don't really have any rules. Things can range from gen fics to romantic comedy to tragedy (because there's really only a thin line between the two.) Although we'd like to keep it within JE. Yes, that means you can write about Yoshitake Kayoko, Sakai Tae, and Yoshikawa Kiyomi (the three women Juniors of J&A.)

To give you an idea of what we're thinking about. Here's are some examples:

Ever read a fic where they don't use lubrication before teh buttsecks?
Ever heard of a JE boy NOT being gay?
The lack of protection when engaging in teh buttsechs?
Someone falling asleep during/before/mid-sex?
A JE boy meeting a Mary Sue character and totally brushed her off because he might just be plain unimpressed?

I'll let you think of the other possibilities (and the possibilities are endless. :D) So have at it ladies! (If only to satisfied the three perverted old ladies' needs for comment fic meme.) :D
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In the spirit of Aiba's birthday I shooped you all a present. Koichi-claus must think you've been good this year! 8D

(Or Tsuyoshi just locked him in a closet and delivered presents himself this year. Because, you know... Koichi's 30.)

Koichi: vv;

Sorry to our lurkers, too, but I just included the girls that I knew in here. ^^;
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Posting this here because... no one on my fl but the tacos would get the joke anyway XD

You can't really make out the caption at the top, it says;

Funnily enough, at first no one noticed it was odd that "Sho" had grown boobs and had to borrow from MatsuJun's wardrobe...

Now Tey,
what did you do with Sho?

Good Luck and Cherry Blossoms


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