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Greatest Concert Clip Evah?

Uploaded by stephyy21

I think so! 8D

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I have found a magical clip to share with you all.

Chibi Ohno with Farah Fawcett hair half-assing one of the worst songs I have ever heard while wearing an oversized track suit. Meanwhile, MA flails in front of him. They also think this song sucks. 8|

You know you want to watch. 8D

Totally worth it for the hair and the awful. Seriously. XD

And, because I feel obligated to show their awesome, you can haz an MA awesome sauce dancing clip. (Also, Yone is so unfortunate looking but boy can he dance... and imitate a ghost, apparently. 8D;)

Edit: I found more Jrs gymnastic clips with puberty!Tackey, failboat!Tsubasa, Awkward-yet-determined-chibi!Jun and really-bad-haircut!Nino. 8D It's rather awesome...?
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Happy Fabulous Friday, girls, but don't let the fabulous distract you from the issues, HSJ urges you, VOTE FOR OBAMA!

hsj for obama
Personalized Glitter Graphics

This is also pretty fabulous (and I'm talking about smap singing "i should be so lucky"):
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doesn't everyone like to see love juice writhing in discomfort as he makes a complete fool out of himself? doesn't he know that being in johnny's means cosplaying as much worse than Sephiroth? I mean, look at Arashi and the french maid outfits!! *sigh* They should have an "Arashi teaches KAT-TUN the meaning of Johnny's SP"
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But only because i wanted to use my new vampire-ryo icon. so in honor of vamp!ryo, here's a video of Vampire!News and GayCowboy!KAT-TUN soaring through Johnny's World together in harmony *snerk*

..*sigh* I actually think the song is pretty.
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and for that I'm very sad. But.. I thought it was over when I got home last night around 2 because there was a chat log posted, so I thought "oh, they must have just watched the one move *sadface*" and went to sleep -.-

Anyways, i'm making up for being unable to add to the arashi crack by providing you with old ya-ya-yah crack.. though it's the show, not the group, so it's actually more News crack.. though chibi-yaotome-chan was ADORABLE!! XD

If you ever wanted to see Tegoshi break his fist on Massu's arm:
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I was sifting through files on Veoh (instead of working, because I am so logical like that 8D) and happened up this:

Online Videos by Veoh.com

... uh, is it just me or has Subaru's voice gotten higher since puberty somehow? XD Wait, no, I think I'm just confusing higher with "more nasal". 8D *pats him*

And holy crap Tsubasa, I'm glad you've learned how to sing since this. Ouch. XD;

more crack

Sep. 11th, 2008 01:14 am
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Well, this was a really quick edit because it took me so long today to figure out the codec situation, but here's my result. Thanks to Da for the Can Do Can Go vid, but here's the High School Musical version:

[posting this before it finishes processing because i'm tired and don't want to wait anymore to sleep]
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baka ladies- This thing sat half finished on my computer for 2 weeks. and instead of work this morning, I thought, hey, why don't I just finish it on up so I can get rid of all these extra video files I downloaded... so I've now uploaded my Sho-fail video to the bakamon youtube acct!!

[edit: youtube is still "processing" it, so I guess just wait.

It's one of those crappy "oh look windows comes with a movie maker" videos, but I thought it was funny.

Oh, and if for some reason someone wants to download the damn thing, it's on MF here.
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Please excuse that this is megavideo, which is annoying - but I thought everyone would like to see this! 8D

Enjoy! 8D

so going to be killed slowly...
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I'm back, and pimping out Tackey & Tsubasa again! 8D

I still have a lot of T&T gay video links saved and since Emz is diving into the depths of Tackey and Tsubasa's forbidden love for each other, I thought I'd throw the links up here (in case anyone else was interested, too... come to the dark side. >8|)

Cutting this because it may get a little lengthy...

Tackey likes Hawaii. Tsubasa likes salads. Their love cannot be denied. )

Okay... I think that's enough for now. XD

Also, awesome T&T website: Tackey-tsubasa.net.

(PS Posting links to Jun and Sho JRs vids that Tey sent me next. 8D)
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